Toppan has had a continuous presence in Europe since the early 1970’s, initially in the form of representative offices, when Toppan was acutely aware of the growing importance of Europe as a potential market, and had the foresight to establish roots here. Some of Toppan’s group companies came together in 2016 to form one company, Toppan Europe, which is growing into an organisation that now mirrors the parent organisation in many ways. Most of the main activities of Toppan in Japan, such as Book Printing, Commercial Printing, Security Printing, Packaging, Barrier Film and Décor Materials, are represented in Europe with direct links to Toppan Japan and its facilities around the world.

Toppan’s major facilities across Europe

Düsseldorf, Germany: Toppan Europe GmbH Head Quarters (Décor Materials, Barrier Film, Security Printing, Commercial Printing and others)
Barcelona, Spain: Toppan Europe GmbH Barcelona Office (Commercial Printing, Décor Materials) & Decotec Printing (Décor Materials Printing)
London, UK: Toppan Europe GmbH London Branch (Commercial Printing, Décor Materials), Toppan Leefung Sales office (Book Printing)
Paris, France: Toppan Leefung sales office (book printing) & Toppan Photomasks France (Electronics manufacturing facility)
Dresden, Germany: Toppan Photomasks GmbH (Electronics manufacturing facility)